15mm WW2 US Infantry for Battlegroup

It’s been a while since I’ve done some painting, particularly at 15mm scale. So over the Easter holiday weekend I spent some time working on a platoon of WW2 US infantry I bought last year. I’ve got a reasonable sized collection of late German Panzer Grenadier troops and tanks from playing Flames of War and… Continue reading 15mm WW2 US Infantry for Battlegroup

Friday: A Solo Adventure – Review

Continuing my foray into solo gaming, there’s one game that’s recently been coming up a lot in forums and Facebook Groups – Friday – and it always receives recommendations. Friday: A Solo Adventure, is the one game I own which is exclusively for solo players.  There’s no multiplayer option.  Of course, this means there’s no-one… Continue reading Friday: A Solo Adventure – Review

Eldritch Horror – Facing the unknown alone

This weekend the weather was terrible, so it provided an ideal opportunity to get one of my larger games out.  I’ve played Eldritch Horror from Fantasy Flight Games a few times as a 2 player game.  But due to the set up time and the need for a few hours play time, it’s only hit… Continue reading Eldritch Horror – Facing the unknown alone