Mountaineers Board Game – Kickstarter

Way back in December 2017 I backed a Kickstarter for a very unique looking game called Mountaineers.  The game was developed by Corey Wright, Oregon USA, an avid mountain climber.  The game finally arrived in the UK a few weeks ago... and wow, it's a lot bigger than I expected, and looks really impressive on …

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The Art of Magic The Gathering – More Books

My wife kindly bought me 2 of the Magic The Gathering art books for Christmas - Innistrad and Ixalan - see December 2018 post. As mentioned in the post for those books, the quality of the books was fantastic in terms of the artwork and the pages and bindings of the books themselves. My birthday …

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Four Against Darkness – First Game Review

"A warrior, barbarian, cleric and wizard walk into a dungeon..." Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.  This was actually my starting party of adventurers for my first foray into a game of Four Against Darkness by Andrea Sfiligoi. In my last post (apologies for the length of time between posts, but gaming time …

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