New Year, New Blog

2017 already.  2016 just zipped by, it was over all too quickly, a bit like my tabletop gaming experiences.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get round to much gaming last year.  Travelling for work the first 6 weeks of the year and then moving to a new job in June pretty much eliminated any time I might have spent on hobbies, and that included gaming.

So come 2017, I’ve decided to reclaim my leisure time!  Family, friends, hobbies!  I want time with them back!

From a gaming, miniature and hobby perspective, one of the things I’ve lacked in the past, is being able to stay focused on a project or gaming system.  Taking the effort to make time for playing games.  Sticking with a gaming system and actually getting good at it.  Or at least not sucking so badly at it.  And focusing on painting projects until they’re complete.

How to get that focus and maintain motivation….?

That’s where this blog will hopefully come in.  I’ll write about my hobby activities.

Of course, if i get to January 2018 and there’s only this post, then I’ll be looking for some other form of motivation 🙂

Onwards into more gaming goodness….


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