Form an orderly queue!

What’s that looking at you?

Every wargamer has one….the dreaded lead (or plastic) mountain.  That collection of models that you bought with good intentions and then never looked at again.  The forgotten projects, or partly completed army for a new shiny gaming system.  Some models possibly still in their box or blister pack.

The lead mountain sits and taunts you…


Towards the end of 2016 I  went through a number of collections I had, and decided whether I’d ever use the models – both painted and unpainted ones.

The process of letting go

Is there any easy way to let go of those projects you’ll never finish?  Not for everyone.  And for everyone it’ll be different.  Maybe the driver for clearing the lead mountain could be varied and numerous.  For me it was a number of things;

  • bringing some focus to my gaming
  • getting use out of models I have – whether painting or playing
  • clearing some space
  • making money….to help fund models or game systems I would be more committed to.

How did I do it?

  • I looked at what games I’d actually played in the last couple of years
  • which games had I got enjoyment from
  • what games were being played by friends or nearby gaming groups
  • could I play with the models I had, or would I need to re-invest in the system
  • were the models multi purpose, could I use them in more than 1 system.

I actually went through a very similar question process with my collection of scenery and buildings.

And the result?

A steady stream of sales income making its way into my Paypal account.  The market for war game accessories and models is huge on eBay.  Obviously boxed items will sell well if below retail price.  But even built, undercoated, or painted miniatures get a good price.  There’s a buyer for most things out there.  Everything I listed sold.

The remaining mountain

More of a small mound now, when it comes to unpainted models.

And as for what remains of my gaming collection, well that’s covered here – Games I play

The watchword of 2017 for me is “focus”.  To try and achieve that focus I had to go through the clear out process, for both unpainted models and even complete armies.

So models….form an orderly queue!

Projecting ahead

So what’s in the pile and what project has each item conjured up.

15mm German WW2 snipers, medics, radio operators

From Peter Pig, these provide some unique figures for my late war German force for Battlegroup.  I’m very keen to keep gaming this system this year to make use of my old Flames of War army and scenery collection.

15mm US Rifle Platoon and M10 Tank Destroyer

Again from Peter Pig.  This purchase was to go with 3 Sherman tanks I have to create a small force for Battlegroup.  It would allow me to set up demo games.

However, I’m now thinking these may be based individually and become a force for Chain of Command by Too Fat Lardies.  A WW2 platoon level game which caught my eye when looking for smaller level games to play.

Of course I now need to decide whether to re-base a platoon of my German Panzer Grenadiers to single bases, or buy a new platoon.  I guess there’ll be more browsing of the Peter Pig website ahead!

20mm Nissen Hut

I’ll use this for 15mm WW2.  It was originally bought for a possible 20mm modern war project, but that has now been cut during the great lead pile cull of 2016.

Forge World Roboute Guilliman

Primarch of the Ultramarines.  This is to add to my Ultramarine collection – and the subject of future posts! 

Space Marines

10 Horus Heresy 30k marines in MkIII power armour.  I picked these up to go with Guilliman.  I’m planning some conversion experiments with these.


This was a freebie on the cover of Games Workshops White Dwarf magazine September 2016.  Great sculpt which should be interesting to paint.  Very spikey!

Chaos Cultists and Chaos Space Marine

A small sample box I picked up, and a Space Marine I’ve had for some time.  I see these being used for any number of 28mm sci-fi skirmish games.

Frostgrave Soldiers

Picked up last May at a local games show – Carronade 2017 – Facebook

Undead Army

Lastly we come to the largest project I have in the queue.  A huge pile of shambing undead from Mantic Games.

I’ve always fancied a fantasy army, but felt I was too late to get into Warhammer Fantasy, plus the humongous rulebook always put me off.  Hello Mantic Games, and Kings of War!  A very slim rule book, no pages and pages of special rules or unit specific rules.  In fact the core rules are available for free from their website –  Kings of War

The other draw of Mantic is the very reasonable price for their miniatures.  And so this led to a huge pile of plastic – which is now built, as seen in the photo above.

This will be a long term project which I’ll cover over a number of future posts.
So, plenty to keep me busy.  This blog will track my progress.  So come back and lets see how I get on climbing the lead and plastic mountain.


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