Build your own obstacles

Quick post for some easy to make hedges and barb wire fences.  Don’t want to make it too easy for troops and vehicles to advance of your position.

I’m still in 15mm land here for WW2 and Battlegroup, however the hedges can certainly be used for other games.

After last weeks MDF and resin building session, it’s time to have a go at the do-it-yourself option.  So, a quick rummage for stuff lying among all the modelling bits I’ve collected, or items I can pick up easily from a store.

The parts

So, starting point was to get…

  • IMG_2722pan scourers – for hedges
  • lolly sticks – for the bases of the hedges
  • some fibre board or thin MDF – for the bases (I  got the strips of board from the back of an old picture frame)
  • gravel
  • flock and / or modelling grass
  • thin balsa strips or other off cuts – these will be the fence posts
  • barb wire from Gale Force 9 – you could also use picture wire
  • some filler
  • hot glue gun
  • PVA glue – you’re bound to have this!
  • paint – the difficult part will be choosing a colour.

Putting it all together

The hedges were simply paint the lolly sticks the ground colour you want.  Cut the scouring pads into strips, then hot glue then to the sticks.  You could use PVA, but because of the time to dry i found gaps under the hedge.  With a bit of patience it might work ok, but for a better “stick” I went with hot glue.

For gaps in the hedges, I added fence posts from the balsa strip.


For the barb wire traps, the base is cut from board or very thin MDF.  I then used some filler to create texture for the ground.  This was then painted and dry brushed.

The balsa wood strip was used for the fence posts – again to keep these in place quickly, I used a hot glue gun and held the posts in place for a few seconds till it set.

Next the gravel, flock and grass tufts were added.

I then wound the wire around a thick paint brush handle to get the shape, and then hooked it into the fence posts.

I’ve made the barb wire bases 7 inches and 3 inches long.  For games of Battlegroup, barb wire traps can be added to your army list in lengths of up to 10 inches.  This allows the short ones to be used to barricade roads.

And that’s it.  A series of obstacles which will definitely see use in the next game of Battlegroup.

With the upcoming release of the Battlegroup Tobruk supplement book, I’ll be planning some desert barb wire sets.

Any questions, just post in the comments.


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