A Visit to New York – And a Little Corner of Gaming Heaven

First off, I’ll apologise for the lack of posts the last few weeks.  Mainly due to me changing job…but also, my wife and I were on vacation last week.

We finally made the trip to New York.  It’s been on our bucket list for a while, but other destinations always managed to somehow get ahead of it in the list.

I’ll not bore you with the details of our trip, suffice to say we had a fantastic 5 days, including a Saturday afternoon at Yankee Stadium watching them beat, very decisively, the Baltimore Orioles.  It was also a scorching hot day….bonus!

The reason I’m posting about New York here, is we did manage to visit a shop with probably the most games packed into it I’ve ever seen!

I had done a little research before the trip for games shops in Manhattan, for the purpose of picking up some gaming items that are difficult to get in the UK.  There are a few shops selling games in Manhattan, including one billed as more a games cafe – The Uncommons in Greenwich Village, which we did walk past.

However,  The Compleat Strategist in Midtown was on my list for a visit.  Well, I wasn’t travelling all this way to not at least sample the kind of game stores available to my fellow Americans.
The Compleat Strategist – Facebook page

Website link

Wow!  The Compleat Strategist can certainly claim the word “complete”.  I’ve never seen such a collection of gaming goodness in one place.  We only spent an hour there, but I could have spent longer just browsing.

img_3060As you can see, the shelves were stacked floor to ceiling.  Massive selections of board games, card games and role playing games. There was also a section with collectibles at the back and a number of popular miniature games were also catered for.

For me though the main attraction was the board games and RPGs.  A lot I’d never heard of before.  Some I knew of, but was aware they’re only really available outside the US on PDF or at horrendously expensive mailing costs.  Truly gaming heaven.


As I’m in the early stages of getting into the Fate Core RPG system, I was on the lookout for a few things in particular, and they had a fine selection of Fate books and supplements from 3rd party publishers.

I also couldn’t resist picking up a few other items.


I’ll also add, the guys in the store were very friendly and happy to help me out finding some items.

I’m sure given enough time to browse, you could find some out of print gems hidden away.  Although to be honest, the guys in the store will no doubt be able to point you directly to what you’re looking for, or when they’ll next get a copy in.

If you’re ever in New York Midtown area, I can definitely recommend a visit to The Compleat Strategist.  Even if you have a list of items you’re looking for, you’ll definitely come away with a few additional items.  And if you need an excuse to do something on the tourist route, The Empire State Building is in the next block, across 5th Avenue.


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