Timeline – Review

Looking for a game to fill a 20 minute break, or maybe something with minimal rules?
I can highly recommend the Timeline series of games from Asmodee.  Not only quick to play and easy to pick up, but they’re also educational !

I purchased the Science and Nature set originally and have since picked up the Historical Events set.  In each box is a set of tiny cards.  The cards are double sided.  On one side is a picture relating to the event and a few words of description, and on the opposite side is the same picture and text, but also the year of that event or discovery.

Each player is dealt a number of cards with the date face down.  The remaining cards are put to one side in a stack, again with the date side face down.

The first card from the stack is placed with date face up.  This is the starting point in your timeline.

Players keep the cards they’ve been dealt, arranged out face down in front of them.  You then select one of your cards and without turning it over, place it to the left or right of the starting card depending if you think the event is earlier or later in time.

Now turn the card over and see if you’re correct.

Correctly placed cards build up the timeline.   If you place the card in the wrong position it is sent to the discard pile and the player takes a new card from the stack.

The objective is to place all your cards correctly in the timeline.

Once the timeline has a few cards in it, you’re slotting cards in-between other, into the point in time you believe it fits.

As you can tell, Timeline is simple and quick to play, but depending on your knowledge of historical events is devilishly difficult!

There are quite a few different themed packs available for Timeline.  These packs can be played on their own or can be combined to mix up the challenge.  Each set of cards has a different color border to make separating the cards after play easy.

As well as historical events, discoveries and inventions, there’s music and cinema and region specific packs with Americana and British History.  And if you’re looking for something a little different, there’s Star Wars Timeline.

A thoroughly enjoyable, family friendly, educational card game.

Check out the Asmodee site here… https://www.asmodee.us/en/games/timeline/


2 thoughts on “Timeline – Review

  1. This is one of our go-to small games as a group. I love the General History and British History, as well as the Music/Film versions. I was a bit disappointed by the General Interest version one though. It seems to just be inventions which can get a bit dry. Generally speaking though, a great game. Awesome review.

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