Welcome to the Dungeon – Review

Another one of my mini, quick to play, games.

These are great time fillers in-between larger, longer setup games, as a warm up, or where you’ve only got a half hour or so to spare.

In Welcome to the Dungeon, the objective is to successfully negotiate a dungeon filled with random monsters using only the equipment you go in with.  Although this may sound easy, this is a “push your luck” type game.  You and your opponent are basically daring each other to enter the dungeon with the solitary adventurer who’s selected at random.

The twist is, you’re each bidding against each other by either adding a monster to the dungeon, or removing a piece of equipment from the adventurer.

The last player left after all other players drop out of the bidding, must take the adventurer into the dungeon.  Of course if they can survive and kill all the monsters, then they succeed.  First player to survive the dungeon twice, wins the game.


Everything is packed into a small box with a 12 page rule book.
There are 13 monster cards, 8 success cards and 4 cards to help players remember the monster stats.  These are all printed on standard gaming sized cards and made of good glossy card stock.

The 4 adventurer tiles and 24 equipment tiles are on smaller cards, but made of very thick, durable card.

Everything is very colourful, the artwork cartoony and fun, and the text and stats clear to read.  Overall, very good, sturdy components.


The game begins with the randomly chosen adventurer – Warrior, Barbarian, Rogue, Mage – together with all their respective equipment.  The dungeon is empty and the monster cards are stacked face down.

Each player takes turns to draw a monster card, look at it, and either place it in the dungeon, or in the discard pile.  Placing a monster in the discard pile means removing a piece of the adventurers equipment instead.

Play continues until the last player that hasn’t passed is left.  They will take our, hopefully prepared, hero into the dungeon.


Welcome to the Dungeon

So the last player standing now takes the hero, with the remaining equipment, into the dungeon.

The hero’s health points (HP) are calculated by totalling the HP of the hero and his remaining equipment.
Then, one by one, turn over a card from the dungeon pile, which is the monsters selected in the previous bidding phase.
If you’ve got the piece of equipment that can defeat the monster, excellent, discard that monster.
If you can’t defeat the monster, it reduces your HP total by its strength value on the card.
Continue battling monsters from the dungeon until there are no monsters left – you win – or your HP total is reduced to zero – you lose!


SImple, fast and fun! There are also rules for determining the winner if you continue to play further rounds.

Easy to pick up and play a few rounds to fill time.  I really enjoyed the twin aspects of the game.  The bidding obviously keeps all players involved.  But even spectating, as the lone hero enters the dungeon, provides its fun as well as you wait to see what nasty surprise awaits the next turn.


Welcome to the Dungeon @ Iello Games


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