Arkham Horror – Can you take any more?

The Horror Continues

It’s been a while since our last visit to Lovecraft country, and the Dunwich Legacy campaign for Arkham Horror the Card Game by Fantasy Flight.

I’ll apologise now, as that’s not due to lack of playing time, but me not getting round to writing up the accompanying blog posts.  So, to be honest the following sessions were actually run a number of weeks ago.

Maybe the trauma of the final session prevented me from committing the details to (electronic) paper.  (I feel i should be typing this on an old 1920’s typewriter).


Blood on the Altar

The previous scenario provided an exciting train journey from Arkham to the village of Dunwich as we attempted to piece together the mystery of the attacks and strange creatures.

Blood on the Altar finds us in Dunwich, meeting up with 2 locals who had met with one of the Doctors during the incidents months earlier, and which brought you to the area.

Dunwich is a dismal place, eerie and with unsettling, creepy residents, who are wary of strangers, like the investigators.

The scenario goes back to the familiar investigation of a number of locations around the village.  The clever part is that depending on the outcomes of the previous scenarios, you could be up against some characters looking for revenge or trying to prevent your investigation from proceeding.  This sets up the potential for a different play through from other groups, and plenty replay value if you decide to run through the campaign again.  Added to that is the ongoing trauma to your psyche and damage to your body as the the campaign takes it toll.

I’ll not give anything away, suffice to say, the urgency of getting to the bottom of the mystery is starting to kick in.  People are disappearing and dying. You’re getting weaker – although hopefully you benefit from some of the new cards becoming available and the character experience from each scenario.  And the unnameable horrors appear to be gaining in power!


Undimensioned and Unseen

So this was a severe case of ‘hunt the monster’.  How do you find giant invisible monsters from another dimension running amok around a village?  With great difficulty!

The next outing in Dunwich Village had us attempting to save the villagers from rampaging tentacled beasts, that were streaming from (I’m assuming) some kind of dimensional gate.

Who was careless enough to leave the gate open?  That, we don’t know, but there was certainly plenty running around as we tried to track them down and banish them back to the dimension they spawned from.

Although we had the usual ticking clock of the Doom counter on the Mythos agenda, we didn’t feel too rushed with this scenario.  It was definitely more of a slow chase around the village.  This was due to the random appearing and disappearing of the aforementioned beasts from another dimension.

With the exception of one of the Dunwich Legacy boxed scenarios, this is the first of the Mythos pack scenarios that we’ve completed with a “successful” outcome.  Of course, I say successful, but that’s really just an illusion in a Cthulhu Mythos game. No-one ever comes out unscathed.  Maybe just not quite as mentally scarred as you had expected.

So we’re now all set up for the final 2 scenarios in the Dunwich Legacy campaign.  Where Doom Awaits and Lost in Time and Space.  Looking forward to it, in a bizarre masochistic way!


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