15mm WW2 US Infantry for Battlegroup

It’s been a while since I’ve done some painting, particularly at 15mm scale. So over the Easter holiday weekend I spent some time working on a platoon of WW2 US infantry I bought last year.

I’ve got a reasonable sized collection of late German Panzer Grenadier troops and tanks from playing Flames of War and Battlegroup. Since moving house a few years ago its been tricky to get time to catch up with gaming friends and get the time to play.

As I’ve been looking at solo board gaming, I decided to build a small US force to try some solo WW2 miniature gaming. So first off, miniatures. I’ll look at game systems in a future post.

My German troops are all Battlefront (Flames of War) models, and the tanks are a mix of Battlefront and Plastic Soldier Company. My new US Infantry are from Peter Pig.

The Peter Pig miniatures are 15mm and anatomically are well proportioned. No oversized heads here. The models usually come in small packs of around 8 miniatures and also in platoon packs. I purchased a US Infantry platoon pack and some small packs to round out support with 81mm mortar, HMG, radio operators and senior officers. I also added a couple of Willy jeeps and an M10 tank from them. All in, excellent prices, and I’m very happy with the sculpts with no flash cleaning required.

One last point before the obligatory photos; the miniatures are white metal. I just couldn’t bring myself to go plastic for 15mm models… too small, too easily broken, and not enough weight for gaming…. in my humble opinion 🙂

So, on to the pictures…


And a comparison of US troops beside some German Panzer Grenadiers.

And for those readers interested in the paint scheme I used. wasn’t too bothered about being totally historically accurate with the colours, my main aim was to make the figures easily distinguishable from my German troops and have them stand out on the tabletop.

Paints used…

  • Helmet – Vallejo 70887 Brown violet
  • Jacket – 70873 US field drab
  • Jacket highlight – Citadel ushabti bone
  • Trousers – 70983 flat earth
  • Boots – 70984 flat brown
  • Flesh – Citadel elf flesh
  • Shading – Citadel Agrax earthshade


Peter Pig WW2 Ranges


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