A Return to WW2 Gaming

It’s been a while since I’ve had the chance for some WW2 miniature gaming, and certainly a while since I’ve had the time to arrange a game with an opponent.  So as part of my continued quest into solo gaming, I decided to dust off a rules set I picked up a few years ago with a view to seeing if it could work for solo gaming.

The rules set is Iron Cross from Great Escape Games – you may recognise the company from Dead Mans Hand, their Wild West skirmish game.

Iron Cross is a set of easy play World War 2 rules for 15mm or 28mm miniatures, use whatever models you have.  The rule book runs to 32 pages and covers army lists for the main combatants in Europe in 1944/45.

I’ll not review the rules here.  That’ll come in a future post once I’ve had a chance to play a few more solo games.  This post is just an excuse to post a few photos of my first solo walkthrough while I get re-acquainted with the rules.

A platoon of German Grenadiers have occupied a small village somewhere in Europe and are supported by 2 Panzer IVs and a STuG III G.  A platoon of US Riflemen supported by 3 Shermans (75mm) and an M10 Tank Destroyer, are scouting ahead of the main allied forces and come across the village through the bordering woods.



The Germans have been in the village for a while and have dug in.


The US platoon advance through the woods towards the village, and over the German barb wire barricades.


The US riflemen and German Grenadiers go toe to toe, while the tanks trade shells on either side of the US advance.


The German STuG advances through town and is taken out by the M10 sitting n the woods.  The US platoon push the German troops back into the village and they retreat.  Victory to the allies!

I plan to get a couple more solo games played with Iron Cross and will give a review of the rules in a future post.

If you want to check out the rules and the supporting files, visit Great Escape Games site… Iron Cross@Great Escape Games


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