The Art of Magic The Gathering – More Books

My wife kindly bought me 2 of the Magic The Gathering art books for Christmas – Innistrad and Ixalan – see December 2018 post.

As mentioned in the post for those books, the quality of the books was fantastic in terms of the artwork and the pages and bindings of the books themselves.

My birthday falls in January, and this one was a decade anniversary!  That meant my very generous family were kind enough to stuff some money into birthday cards!

It didn’t take long for me to decide to invest some of that money in more art books.

So here we have The Art of Magic The Gathering Dominaria and Ravnica books.

Dominaria and Ravnica

As with the previous books, the quality is exceptional.  Large format, hard backs, pages stitched into the binding, and glossy dust cover.  Each book is over 240 high quality, thick, glossy pages, with the print and colours popping off each page.

Here are some photos – which don’t do the books justice.



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