Mountaineers Board Game – Kickstarter

Way back in December 2017 I backed a Kickstarter for a very unique looking game called Mountaineers.  The game was developed by Corey Wright, Oregon USA, an avid mountain climber.  The game finally arrived in the UK a few weeks ago… and wow, it’s a lot bigger than I expected, and looks really impressive on the table.

The game is 3D and stands around 18 inches tall.  Yes, you read that right, 18 inches tall.

There’s a lot packed into the box.  And I should point out, I backed the “Standard” edition of the game.  There was also Deluxe and Collectors editions with additional and upgraded components.

Mountaineers box contents

I must say I’m really impressed with the amount of content and the quality of the components I received in the standard edition.



The game is strategic, involving you managing supplies, planning your routes, achieving goals and watching for the ever changing weather conditions.

The centre-piece to the game is the mountain itself.  In the Kickstarter version I backed, I received 5 double-sided mountain sides.  To play, you select 3 sides and fix them to the rotating base on the board.  Each player has a character card and climber, with a set number of pitons and carabiners for placing on the mountain.  You also have supplies for your climb and the ability to buy upgrades to your kit.

Each player starts with a set of cards depicting target routes to achieve during the game.  These will help determine your strategy.  There are event cards detailing the changing events happening on the mountain – these may restrict your movement.  The cards also provide bonus actions and activities which will earn you extra points during the game.

Mountain with route in red

I’ll provide a full review of the game once I’ve had a few plays, for the moment I’ll just present the eye candy of the contents and that fantastic mountain.

The Great Outdoors (Indoors)

Some of the components.  Route and event cards.  The mountain condition board.  Player character and upgrades.


After quickly playing through a set of rounds myself, you can see my route up the mountain in red.  Near the summit I moved round to another side of the mountain in an attempt to complete a route over glacier terrain.


A final shot of the mountain.

Route in red on the right side of the mountain as my climber crossed to another side

2 thoughts on “Mountaineers Board Game – Kickstarter

  1. Tim McDowall

    I’ve been playing my copy too. It’s a pretty impressive and unusual game. I like that it can be played solo. Ironically, my first run-through was due to a postponement of a recent ‘real’ mountaineering trip due to poor weather! I can imagine myself now – painting the wee miniatures to look like myself whilst sitting in a remote bothy somewhere in the Highlands :p


  2. Ideal… a weather safe option :-). It is impressive when built, and the components all seem pretty sturdy too. This run through was me getting used to the game play. Looking forward to trying the solo option next rainy weekend.


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