Deep Space D-6 – Review

2019, and a promise to post more frequently than 2018… shouldn’t be too difficult. In early December I received a long awaited Kickstarter.  A re-print of a solo game I had heard about on a Facebook group.  Deep Space D-6 from Tau Leader Games, designed by Tony Go.  I had also opted for the expansion …

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Four Against Darkness – First Game Review

"A warrior, barbarian, cleric and wizard walk into a dungeon..." Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke.  This was actually my starting party of adventurers for my first foray into a game of Four Against Darkness by Andrea Sfiligoi. In my last post (apologies for the length of time between posts, but gaming time …

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Friday: A Solo Adventure – Review

Continuing my foray into solo gaming, there's one game that's recently been coming up a lot in forums and Facebook Groups - Friday - and it always receives recommendations. Friday: A Solo Adventure, is the one game I own which is exclusively for solo players.  There's no multiplayer option.  Of course, this means there's no-one …

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