Welcome to the Dungeon – Review

Another one of my mini, quick to play, games. These are great time fillers in-between larger, longer setup games, as a warm up, or where you’ve only got a half hour or so to spare. In Welcome to the Dungeon, the objective is to successfully negotiate a dungeon filled with random monsters using only the… Continue reading Welcome to the Dungeon – Review

Arkham Horror – Dusty Tomes and Riding the Rails

As with my previous post covering the opening scenarios of The Dunwich Legacy, I’ll ensure there are no story spoilers here. In my last post, at the end of the Dunwich box set scenarios, I had suggested that we may go back and re-play those scenarios before moving on to the first of the new… Continue reading Arkham Horror – Dusty Tomes and Riding the Rails

Arkham Horror – Day Trip to Dunwich

After successfully completing the campaign scenarios from the core set – and when i say successful, I mean not going completely mad or dying – my regular card game partner, Dean, and I decided it was time to crack open the first big box expansion for Arkham Horror LCG, Dunwich Legacy. After spending time in… Continue reading Arkham Horror – Day Trip to Dunwich