A Visit to New York – And a Little Corner of Gaming Heaven

First off, I’ll apologise for the lack of posts the last few weeks.  Mainly due to me changing job…but also, my wife and I were on vacation last week. We finally made the trip to New York.  It’s been on our bucket list for a while, but other destinations always managed to somehow get ahead… Continue reading A Visit to New York – And a Little Corner of Gaming Heaven

Arkham Horror Card Game – Review

“It occurred to us, too, that our venture was far from safe, for in what strength the thing might appear no one could tell.  But we deemed the game worth the hazard, and embarked on it alone and unhesitatingly…” The Shunned House – H.P. Lovecraft 1924 Lovecraftian horrors unleashed! Since January I’ve been playing Arkham… Continue reading Arkham Horror Card Game – Review

Battlegroup – A Rules Review

I’ve mentioned a few times during battle reports that I would review and discuss the Battlegroup rules in more detail.  Time to live up to that promise. Battlegroup is a set of World War II miniatures rules published by Ironfist Publishing, a small independent publisher, which are available through Plastic Soldier Company in the UK.… Continue reading Battlegroup – A Rules Review