Art Books – Magic the Gathering

New blog post, new site layout! Apologies for the delay in getting new content out there, but it's been a busy year.  For 2019 I plan to post more regularly than 2018..... we'll see how that goes. Art Appreciation Although I no longer play Magic the Gathering, I've always been a huge fan of the …

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Star Wars Destiny – Review

Last post I discussed what Star Wars Destiny was.  This time, I'll cover how the game plays and give more of a review. The intended starting point for Destiny is the starter sets.  There are 2 currently available for you to play either Hero (Rey and Finn) or Villian (Kylo Renn and a Stormtrooper).  Each …

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Star Wars Destiny – The Dark Side Beckons

After the punishing defeat playing Arkham Horror Card Game, I needed to play something a bit more light hearted.  If not in play, then at least in theme.  There's only so much Cthulhu grind that the human mind can take! Enter Star Wars Destiny.  A collectible card and dice game from Fantasy Flight Games, where …

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