A Return to WW2 Gaming

It's been a while since I've had the chance for some WW2 miniature gaming, and certainly a while since I've had the time to arrange a game with an opponent.  So as part of my continued quest into solo gaming, I decided to dust off a rules set I picked up a few years ago …

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15mm WW2 US Infantry for Battlegroup

It's been a while since I've done some painting, particularly at 15mm scale. So over the Easter holiday weekend I spent some time working on a platoon of WW2 US infantry I bought last year. I've got a reasonable sized collection of late German Panzer Grenadier troops and tanks from playing Flames of War and …

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The Yanks are Coming! – Battlegroup

We had a new recruit to Battlegroup Overlord this week.  My usual opponent Jonathan had obviously set up a recruiting office and found an ally in his brother Allan, with his US Army collection. As Allan is new to Battlegroup, Jonathan, Jamie and I decided to drop our plans for introducing the mortar and artillery rules, …

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